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Our Services

Residence Cleaning

Our cleaning company focuses on local cleaning jobs involving cleaning in residencies, apartments, villas and small homes. We provide domestic cleaning with superior expertise in handling any form of stain, dirt or dust problem that you may have at your home. Our maids are available in daily weekly or every two weeks as per the need of the client. Our maids show their efficiency in different tasks such as ironing, washing and deep cleaning. No room is too difficult for us to handle. MaidOur intense background checking system includes that we find and verify the morale and conduct from their history thus gaining the trust of our clients through our professionalism. We provide affordable and completely flexible services that can handle the different chores at your home

Office & Commercial Cleaning Contractors

An organized and clean office lets you run a business with clutter free mind. Call us, if you have an office space or even a clinic. Our qualified Filipino maids will help you put everything in order.
* Sweeping/Vacuuming and Mopping.
* Dusting furniture and Computers.
* Rest room cleaning and disinfecting. Trash removal service. We also provide services in different commercial buildings and offices. We undertake cleaning jobs for canteens, conference halls, office rooms, maintenance closets, hall ways and other office rooms as well. No one like to work in a dirty office and on time maids knows very well the importance of cleanliness in a work environment. We hope to excel and improve your business by maintaining a healthy environment for both you and your employees as well as your clients thus increasing your output further.

House Cleaning

Candy Maids utilizes a top-down approach to offer you standardized hygiene conventions each and every time. Our maids are punctilious in dealing with the things at your home while cleaning, ascertaining that nothing is damaged. What’s more with regards to cleaning is the confidence that we keep in making your home dirt-free, leaving a gleaming sparkle. Our master housekeepers are better than an average in everything that they do and will be at your doorstep when you require them. They are trained in a manner that they carry out their work with a great interest and are not intrigued by any sort of fascination like music, TV or telephoning amid working hours.

Here is a list of the cleaning tasks commonly included in a regular maid service visit

* Vacuum Floor Surfaces * Vacuum Furniture in Family Room * Clean Sliding Glass Doors
* Dust All Furnishings and Decorative Items within Reach * Dust Ceiling Fans within Reach
* Dust Window Blinds * Remove Books from Bookshelves and Clean Shelves
* Hovering the rug, Carpets & Floor * Moving & Hovering under Rugs sofas ect…
* Watering the plants if any * Empty Trash * Change Linens

Kitchen Cleaning

Our experts ensures that each nook of your kitchen, as well as small or big each and every kitchen appliances will be cleaned impeccably, leaving a sparkling glow. Don't stress yourself thinking about your expensive crockery items, they will be handled by our responsible maids with an extraordinary care. Likewise, you will not have to struggle with your burnt utensils or dirty stoves any more, our staffs know how to deal with those dirty stuffs too. You should do nothing more than to appreciate a clean kitchen consistently. We are expert in cleaning all types of kitchen appliances, cabinets, cooking range and so forth.

Our expertise includes:

* washing kitchen utensils and sink * taking out trash * cleaning counter tops
* wiping cabinets, inside and outside of kitchen appliances, cooking range
* sweeping and moping floor* Clean & Dry the stove * Cleaning ventilation Air filter
* Arranging the items in the cupboards perfectly
* Placing all the dishes, Spoons, etc at where they has to go

Window Cleaning

Another major yet risky job that we undertake is window cleaning, which is not secluded to just cleaning of windows at homes, residencies and apartments. We also handle window cleaning jobs in commercial buildings and complexes. Windows are the gleam in a building and looking at them depicts the cleanliness of what is in it. If you look at a dirty window, we get a vivid picture of what is inside. Hence we consider important to clean the outside of the building as much as cleaning the inside of the building. Having a clean window gives you a better view of the outside world. Allows the entry of fresh light and also improves the overall feel of your surroundings as well.

Professional Move In/out Cleaning

Trying to find a new home in Dubai might seem to a tedious problem but nothing is worse than cleaning up after a family that left the residence for you. Dirt, germs, waste, paper etc. what a nightmare! But no more, On time maids is here to provide you with the aid that you need in order to help you move back to your new residence as and when you need it. With our maid service available to you 24/7 we would be able to handle any cleaning at your request. Thus helping you move back in or even move out without the hassle of cleaning and improving your surroundings before you leave. No job is too big for our team to clean

Laundry and Ironing

Candy Maids offers you a professional and astounding laundry and ironing service that will rearrange your occupied life. Our expert maids make it sure that we wash and iron your dresses, sheets, suits and curtains with utmost care. Giving your clothes to any laundry can be unsafe. You never know how the garments are being washed and what sorts of chemicals are being used. At Candy Maids, the staffs are prepared to wash the garments with extreme care and utilize just those cleansers that are exhorted by the client. Our cleaning specialists are dedicated to work with caution in order to prevent the damage of your outfit from overheating. Let our maids help you in your all domestic needs while you spend your time with your family. We believe that busy people would do better when they would save time on washing clothes. Our maids are specialized in laundry; they would not allow you to do anything more than choosing what to wear.

Party Helpers

We not only handles cleaning in residences and offices but also on a large scale such as special occasions or events; in other words parties. Our maids are available in a short notice, whenever required, to provide you with assistance, in order to clean conference halls, grounds, large halls homes etc. as needed by the client in order to keep and maintain a proper and clean environment. Our Full Time Maids in Dubai are trained in modern techniques and geared up with their tools of simple yet important gadgetry and top of the line detergents and soaps to improve your property after the event has been completed. On time maids is a professional cleaning company that handles various cleaning services and we have supported various clients who have conducted major events such as Sports events, exhibitions, weddings, birthdays etc. and we have actively taken part in event cleaning throughout UAE

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